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Final Fight CD

Metro City...a known crime capital. A dangerous city where a violent gang known as the Mad Gear keeps a deadly vice-like grip on the city. Mad Gear has Metro City as its own personal stomping ground, doing as they please.

But there's one obstacle in their way, which they intend to knock down.

Newly elected mayor and former street fighter Mike Haggar promises to clean up the streets and restore Metro City to its once former glory. But the Mad Gear thinks otherwise, so in order to bring Haggar under their control like the mayor before him, they kidnap his daughter Jessica and threaten to kill her if he carries out his plan. Haggar, being the huge wrestling powerhouse that he is, decides to do a little something about them himself...

Together with Jessica's boyfriend Cody, and ninja friend Guy, Haggar's gonna clean up the streets of Metro City the only way he can now: stompin' and smashin' some skulls in!

Final Fight CD is a special CD version of the original Final Fight, with a new arranged CD soundtrack and extra features. It is a Sega CD exclusive game.







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