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In ages past, Odin, the king of Valhalla, and Asgard created the Viking people.

The gods loved their creations, and contact between them was frequent. Then one day that all changed. According to Norse Legend,

the Age of Ragnarok was coming, and universal war would soon be upon them. Convinced that the upcoming battle was too much in

favor of the gods of goodnes, Loki, god of evil, stormed into Valhalla and walked off with Odin's sword, Frey's spear and Thor's Hammer.

When the gods awoke, their weapons were gone-cast down to earth where, during the age of Ragnarok, the gods could not retrieve them

without becoming mortal.

But Frey, one of the oldest and wisest gods, had a plan. Forseeing that one day the gods would have need for the Vikings on a mission of

great importance at the Battle of Ragnarok.

Here we join the story...



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