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Prize Fighter

This is the main event, Kid!

Out of the limo, into the ring, its like a movie. But when the bell rings, its just you and him! If you've got the speed, the muscle, the might last a round! Honeyboy Hernandez- he's young, he's green but he learned what he knows on the street. Mega Joe Falco- a southpaw challenger with lots of experience and skill. T Rex Hawkins - he's a real contender, toughter than he looks and he looks like an industrial machine. Nuke "The Duke" Johnson - the champeen. Floats like a stealth bomber, stings like a cruise missile.

-Classic boxing action in TruVideo with realistic instantanious control.

-Trainers, cornermen, referees, hecklers, they shout their opinions on your preformance.

-Directed by Ron Stein creater of the boxing sequences in the Rocky movies and Raging Bull.




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