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A.D. 2047 - Neo Kobe City, Japan, a place of madness and decadence .... A mysterious bioroid life form has appeared.  Its true nature and purpose are unknown.  Is it some country's secret weapon, or an alien from another world?  They slay their victims and take their place, thus earning the nickname "Snatchers."  A new police division, the JUNKERS, has been formed and trained specifically to combat the Snatchers.  The fate of mankind hangs in the balance.  The war between the Snatchers and JUNKERS has begun!  Enter the cyberpunk world of Snatchers as Gillian Seed, a new JUNKERS recruit.  Use your military Special Forces training, the latest high-tech weapons, and your android sidekick Metal Gear to hunt down and destroy the Snatchers.  This role-playing game brings you a thrilling mystery with beautiful women, cold landscapes, and deadly adversaries.  Think carefully, and watch your back!



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